Art and the performer’s role in society and our time.

BEK benefits the production line in the cultural field by facilitating artists in their work with art projects. In 2014, BEK entered into a partnership with similar organizations across Europe to improve these conditions, and to create a whole new and more sustainable ecosystem for the arts and its creators. Together we will develop this new model with artistic activity and production, by exchanging expertise and experience across national borders.

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Future DiverCities is an initiative of 10 partners in Europe and Canada, all key players in the field of citymaking and new artistic forms, funded by the Creative Europe programme, to explore the power of creative innovation in urban spaces. This common denominator gives the cooperation an unique strength to meet the future of urban spaces and their citizens: diversity are increasing in demographics, and therefore also what will be relevant of cultural impressions and expressions in the future. Through intercultural interaction in a socio-cultural and digital context, the partners will act, rather than awaiting what’s coming. The project is ambitious, but in 2016, it gained confidence from the EU through a four-year grant from the Creative Europe Program. By creating the content with the citizens.

Future DiverCities explores new ways of collaboration and co-creation by using innovative co-design methodologies in artistic processes, incubating artwork that shuffles urban geographies, or explores new participative digital tools to creatively experience the city.

Future DiverCities is a holistic programme looking at the ever-changing role of art and creative work in the urban context. The programme includes a wide range of activities, community labs, citizens workshops and artistic interventions, to explore and show how artists and creatives can propose innovative ways to build our future cities and how this responds to the current thinking and needs around urban transformation.

Future DiverCities sees creative innovation as a tool to enable citizens to see things in a different way, supporting the development of stronger communities and contributing to the concepts of happy and resilient cities.

The partners in the project are:

·Superact – Wellington, England
·1D Lab – Saint Etienne, Lyon & Paris, France
·Public Art Lab – Berlin, Germany
·CitiLab – Cornella, Spain
·Seconde Nature – Aix en Provence, France
·ANTI Festival – Kuopio, Finland
·BEK – Bergen, Norway
·Kontejner – Zagreb, Croatia
·Liepaja City Council – Latvia
·La Chambre Blanche, Quebec, Canada

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